Unusual Silver Bracelet, Gemstone Set, Buy Online

Here is a varied mix (both in price and style) of silver bracelets and unusual stones set in silver bracelets. Most of them are one offs but similar things can be made to order provided I can find the stones (which can sometimes be difficult). This site is accredited by Safebuy for your online shopping security and you can buy your bracelet in confidence..

If you are looking for a silver bracelet made from all shapes and sizes of sterling silver chain I have a really big selection. here.

Purple/Brown Murano Bracelet

Purple/Brown Murano Bracelet

Pretty Murano glass, elasticated bracelet which will fit most wrists. Large tube beads are 14mm x 7mm. Faceted beads have an AB effect.

Price £5

Black Murano Glass Bracelet

Black Murano Glass Bracelet

Elasticated black glass with silver coloured beads and diamanté rondelle beads. Largest bead is 31mm x 10mm.

Price £5

Pink Jade Heart Bracelet

Pink Jade Heart BraceletPink Jade Heart Bracelet

Very pretty bracelet with a 12mm x 10mm sterling silver heart bead, 4mm round silver beads., 6 and half mm pink jade beads and a solid silver toggle clasp. Two lengths available, shorter one for wrists which measure 6 and half inches round and smaller and the longer for wrists which measure 7 inches and smaller. (This is the actual measuerment round your wrist).

Price £15 for either length. Short bracelet

Long Bracelet

Mixed Stones Bracelet

Mixed Stones BraceletMixed Stones Bracelet

Seven to eight inches long, silver bracelet which is set with 11, oval, 8mmx 6mm, oval, mixed semi precious stone cabochons. Lovely bracelet at a great price.

Price £30

Coral Heart Bracelet

Coral Heart BraceletCoral Heart Bracelet

Pretty bracelet with a 12mm x 10mm sterling silver heart bead, 4mm round sterling silver beads and an unusual sterling silver heart trigger clasp. The beautiful, vibrant red, sponge coral, 8mm round beads come from a sustainable source. Available in two lengths, the short length for people whose wrists measure 6 inches and less. The longer, for those whose wrists measure 7 inches.

Price £18 for either length. Short bracelet

Long bracelet

Gaspeite and Crystal Bracelet

Gaspeite and Crystal Bracelet

Eight and a half inch long, bracelet which is threaded with lovely bright vibrant green gaspeite nugget beads (approx 15mm x 10mm) and 5mm bright green bicone crystal beads. It will most comfortably fit people whose actual wrist measurement is 6-7 inches. Fastens with a solid silver toggle clasp.

Price £15

Blue Goldstone Bracelet

Blue Goldstone  BraceletUnusual Silver Bracelet

Seven and a half inch long, silver bracelet which is set with 10, round, 8mm, sparkling midnight blue, goldstones. Lovely bracelet at a great price.

Price £30

Iolite Trillion Bracelet

Iolite Trillion Bracelet

Thirteen, 5mm, trillion cut, inky blue iolite stones, set in 3mm deep silver and made into an 8 inch long bracelet. Unusual stone and cut!

Price £45

Opalite and Purple Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

opalite and purple bracelet

7 inch long bracelet with silver trigger clasp, threaded with 6mm round opalite beads and 4mm light purple Swarovski bicone beads.

Price £10

Golden Brown Glass Bead Bracelet

golden brown elastic bracelet

Simple elasticated bracelet with variously sized and shaped golden brown glass beads which will fit small/medium wrists.

Price £4

Spotty Acrylic and Ceramic Bead Bracelet

spotty acrylic bead bracelet

Very attractive simple bracelet on elastic. The lovely large irregular oval beads are 20mm x 25mm approx and the small ceramic round beads are 6mm. Will fit medium/large wrists.

Price £6

Swarovski Shamballa Bracelet

shamballa bracelet

Crystal bracelet adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. With ten disco ball beads 12.5mm in diameter.

Price £8

Pearl, Green Crystal and Locket Bracelet

pearl locket bracelet

Seven inch long bracelet which has 5mm white freshwater pearls, 4mm bicone peridot colour, and forest green oval Swarovsky crystals with a 10mm, opening tiny silver locket. Silver toggle clasp.

Price £15

Pink Pearl and Lilac Crystal Bracelet

lilac bracelet

Bracelet is seven and half inches long and fastens with a silver toggle clasp. The stones are 5mm lilac crystals and 6mm pink freshwater pearls.

Price £8

Tigers Eye Faceted Bracelet

faceted tigers eye bangle

Elasticated bracelet with diamond faceted tigers eye beads, each bead is 12mm x 10mm. Bracelet will fit most wrists.

Price £10

White Howlite Bangle

howlite bangle

Bold and chunky, elasticated howlite bangle. Each 31mm deep and 26mm wide, the beads are concave and have lovely veining on them.

Price £15

Line Jasper Bangle

line jasper bracelet

Jasper with lovely black lines crossing it. This bangle is elasticated and will fit most wrists. Each of the beads is convex and measures 30mm x 25mm. Lovely bold ethnic look bangle.

Price £15