Unusual Silver Earrings Set With Semi Precious Stones From StonesandSilver

On this page you will find unusual silver earrings set with all sorts of unusual semi precious stones. Most of the earrings are one offs, although similar ones can be made (as long as I can find the stones - not always easy!). The types of fastenings on earrings can often be changed, e.g. to clip ons or leverbacks. Just ask me helen@stonesandsilver.co.uk The metal used on here is all sterling silver.


Chakra Drop Earrings

Chakra Drop Earrings

Spectacular 40mm long silver drop earrings each set with eleven real semi precious stones. Amethyst (5mm round), Iolite (3mm), Blue Topaz (3mm), Peridot (3mm), Carnelian (3mm), Garnet (7x5mm pear cut), and Citrine (3mm). The earrings are 17mm wide.

Price £40


Multistone Flower Drop Earrings

Multistone Flower Drop Earrings

Very pretty 32mm long silver drop earrings each set with seven real semi precious stones. Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Peridot, Carnelian, Garnet, and Citrine. The stones are 6mm x 3mm and marquise cut.

Price £30


10mm x 8mm Rose Quartz Stud Earrings

10mm x 8mm Rose Quartz Stud Earrings

Silver stud earrings set with 10x 8mm faceted rose quartz stones. The silver setting is 5mm deep.

Price £18


8mm Green Agate Stud Earrings

green agate 8mm studs

Silver stud earrings set with 8mm faceted green agate stones. Green agate is frequently used as a replacement stone for emerald.

Price £14

4mm Smoky Quartz Stud Earrings

unusual silver earrings

Silver stud earrings set with 4mm faceted smoky quartz stones.

Price £8

Rock Crystal Pear Dangles

rock crystal pear dangles


Classic simplicity with water clear 14mm x 10mm, faceted rock crystal stones set in 5mm deep silver.

Price £25

6mm Rock Crystal Studs

small round rock crystal studs

Pretty, clear , sparking, 6mm faceted rock crystal stones set in 4mm deep silver.

Price £11

Black Star Diopside Celtic Drops

black star diopside celtic drops

Very difficult to photograph these pretty and unusual stones which reflect light with a white 4 point star. The cabochons are 7x5mm and the earrings are 23mm long from the base of the hook.

Price £20

Two Stone Blue Mystic Quartz Dangles

two stone mystic quartz earrings

Large bold and heavy silver earrings set with 12x10mm oval stones and 18x13mm pear shape stones. The colour is a greyish blue with reddish purple flashes. Length is 44mm.

Price £25

Onyx Scroll Drops

onyx scroll earrings

Stylish onyx and silver earrings set with a 16mm x 12mm pear shape stone. They are 43mm long from the base of the hook and 14mm wide.

Price £20

6mm Crystal Stud With Four Claws

6mm crystal studs

Doesn't get any simpler! 6mm round sparkling crystals set in a light silver stud with four claws.

Price £4

Swarovski Heart Dangles

blue crystal heart dangles

Icy, pale blue, sparkling crystal hearts 10mm x 10mm, dangling from silver hooks.

Price £10

Marcasite Heart Dangles

marcasite heart dangles

Victorian style silver and marcasite double heart earrings. The earrings are 15mm from the base of the hook and 14mm wide.

Price £18

Marquise Onyx Studs

onyx marquise studs

Simple classic onyx and silver stud earrings. The glossy black marquise onyx cabochons are 10mm x 5mm,

Price £15

Gorgeous Shell Inlaid Butterfly Drop Studs

inlaid butterfly drop studs

These may be a tad on the expensive side but you are getting something truly beautiful for your money. Really heavy, quality sterling silver, drop stud earrings. The studs themselves have 5mm round paua shell inlays and the butterflies hover below these about 28mm. The width of each butterfly is 21mm. The circles on the bottom part of the wings are inlaid in lapis, the pear shapes on the upper parts are malachite, the wings themselves are fabulous the iridescent blues and greens coming from inlaid paua shell. Fantastic quality to keep and treasure. Picture can't do them justice.

Price £40

Autumn Crystal Drops

autumn crystal drops

30mm drop from the base of the hook and oval 5mm crystals in the colours of Autumn.

Price £3

Blues Crystal Drops

blue crytsal drops

30mm drop from the base of the hook and oval 5mm crystals in the colours of the sky.

Price £3

Shamballa and Swarovsky Leverback Earrings

red shamballa earringspurple shamballa earringsforest green shamballa earrings

tourmaline shamballa earringsperidot shamballa earringsclear ab shamballa earrings

10mm round, sparkling shamballa beads in a range of colours, teamed with Swarovsky beads in complimenting colours. All on sterling silver leverbacks for greater security.

Price £10 (per pair)


Onyx Heart Drops

Onyx Heart Drops

32mm drop on these earrings which have Swarovsky crystals and mottled ceramic beads as well as bicone silver beads.

Price £20